A mole, a biopsy, a weekend of waiting for test results.

Hugh has been waiting for this moment for years and it’s finally arrived: cancer. Or, more accurately, a mole that doesn’t look the way it used to look. It could be cancer. It could be nothing.

Will is desperate, needing Hugh to be okay—for himself, for Truman, and to prove to Hugh that happiness doesn’t have to be followed by tragedy. Truman tries to keep it together for a few more days, suppressing his own panic, trying to be the rock he believes his men need.

Hugh’s eternal conviction that he’s about to lose everything is at war with his rational brain and all three of them need each other more than ever. Things get a little extreme.

Warnings: The lads play hard in this story. There’s a lot less “revisiting consent” than usual. It’s an intense read, y’all.

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