Going Home


When sexual slavery is outlawed, most of the rational world rejoices. Another shameful chapter of history, tucked neatly away.

For former slave Rory, life without slavery isn’t worth living. What he wants most in the world—to go home, to his master, where he was safe—is now impossible. He dodges out of the “Freedom Project” with his friend Demon and vows to find his master. He only hopes that once he does, life can go back to normal.

Geo Fairbanks doesn’t tell people he used to own a slave. He switches careers, moves to a new town, and cuts ties with everyone, but none of it helps. He needs Rory. When it looks like there might be a way to find him, Geo does whatever it takes.

Once they’re reunited everything should be perfect. Then why does Rory have more questions than answers? His friends are done with slavery, over it, moving on, but part of him misses kneeling at Master’s feet. A very specific part of him misses being tied to Master’s bed. If only Geo would take over like he did in the old days, but Geo’s just as clueless as Rory.

Then the unthinkable happens and Geo finds himself searching for Rory all over again. Can he find Rory before he disappears into the new black market for slaves? And if he does, will they ever figure out how to redefine what they mean to each other?

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