Red Comes Second


Red Redman moved in with his boyfriend Bad a year ago. And things have been good. Sure, Bad’s kind of a jerk sometimes, and sure, he’s crazy busy with his new business, but it’s nothing Red can’t handle. At least, it’s nothing Red can’t handle until Bad starts falling asleep practically every night and they never do the elaborate scenes that bring them together. In all the ways.

He used to feel pretty damn confident in his place in Bad’s world, but over the course of their second year together, all that slips away until it feels like they’re two strangers who share a bed. It doesn’t help that Red has a crummy job he hates and a business degree Bad won’t let him use to help with the business.

Red wants to be partners, to share each other’s lives, to let each other in. Sure, it started kind of porny, but now he wants to level up. While definitely keeping all the porny bits.

The trouble is he has no idea what Bad wants, and Bad’s the last guy who’d ever talk about his feelings. But something’s gotta give, and if this keeps going much longer, that something is gonna be Red.

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