Teasing Mac


The only thing Mac wants is money. Well. Money and the respect of his boss.

This was not the plan.

Working at The Gym is supposed to be an easy way to make money, but things get complicated fast. Mac’s first week of one-on-one training in “personal attention” was intense. Week two is all about shadowing his coworkers on the floor, and Mac feels like a spotlight’s shining on him as he…watches.

It’s his job to watch. So he’s doing his job. (And getting paid.) He wasn’t prepared for how weird it would be. And intriguing. And sometimes really freaking hot. Mac tries not to think about it, but since his job is getting off—or watching other people get off—it’s hard to ignore how it makes him feel.

Especially since his bosses and friends are just as invested in his pleasure as they are their client’s.

This was supposed to be a simple transaction. It isn’t.

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