The Real Life Build


You can build anything in Minecraft. With one exception: your life.

Dillon Aldham loves being on his computer. He’s a little bit awkward and most of his relationships have been online. When a pipe explodes in his apartment, he holes up in the local bar for a few days waiting for repairs to be done. He figures the hot redheaded bartender is just being polite, but every now and then he thinks they might have a spark. (And Gage’s tone of command is pretty… evocative.)

Gage Maher isn’t in the closet, he’s just private. At least, he’s private until he meets Dillon. But Dillon, and his fun mix of awkward and fearless, really gets under his skin. Between an inheritance he never asked for, the feud that comes along with it, and New Halliday’s first gay wedding, Gage could use a little fun.

Can a computer geek and a small town bartender really hit it off? Is a love for kink, a healthy fear of gossip, and a huge helping of sexual chemistry enough to build a life on?

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