Threshold of the Year


Jase was supposed to be spending New Year’s at his oldest friend’s beach house with his boyfriend, except said boyfriend is no longer in the picture. Now if he can just keep Truman (and his nosy husband Hugh) from asking too many questions, maybe he’ll get through the holidays without losing his mind.But things at the beach house are never what they seem.

There’s the way his hosts have a longtime boyfriend who’s no longer looking like their piece on the side. There’s the boyfriend’s twin brother and his partner, who definitely have a secret. There’s the dominatrix and her two young men, only one of whom calls himself a slave (whatever that means).

And then there’s charming Nick and his moody dude Bernie, who—hell, Jase doesn’t even know what to think of them, or of the way Nick keeps inviting him to join them.

Jase might be a little more lonely than he realized, and while he wouldn’t have picked the beach house as a good place to drown his sorrows, by the end of the week he can’t imagine spending New Year’s anywhere else.

Release date: 8 December 2015

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