The most damaging secrets are the ones you don’t even realize you’re keeping.

Truman has been married for almost five years. He loves his husband, their boyfriend, his job, his life. So how is it possible that he’s been unfaithful? How did he let a harmless crush turn into…this?

Hugh is shocked. Angry. Numb. He has no intention of getting divorced, but no idea how to fix his relationship. And Truman isn’t the only one who’s been less than totally honest. But how can Hugh open the doors to their future when the present is such a mess?

Will has two boyfriends. For years he’s secretly wondered what it would be like to be more than just the boyfriend, but suddenly even that is in jeopardy. Did he miss his chance to tell them how he feels?

Betrayal cuts deep, exposing things they never thought to question.

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