Truman Jennings

Birthdate #

Family of origin #

Parents: whatever their names are. Sibling: Ally Jennings

Chosen family #

Hugh Reynolds, Will Derrie

Associated places #

The House

Inspiration & Notes #

Truman came out of a sort of thought experiment about the best kind of foil for Hugh. Like, Hugh’s quietly high-strung and defaults to super intense, so it would be fun to pair him with someone very grounded and calm who defaults to casually polite. I also really enjoyed the idea of pairing him with a therapist. I have therapists in the family, so I had a great time showing the delicious tension between “great therapist” and “super rubbish at personal relationships”. (Mind you, some reviewers were like THIS IS SO UNREALISTIC, from which I deduce they are not related to mental health professionals. 😂)

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