Researching Holmes, Victorian London, and way too many other things…

Some of my favourite resources for researching Sherlock Holmes, Victorian London, and various other things related to the series.

This fantastic Sherlock Holmes timeline! The dates don’t all match up perfectly with my own Holmsian timeline, but that’s less an issue with this resource and more because Conan Doyle gave so few fucks about the mundane details of time and space. (–2LerYrxLkqeExmzMffNps3F9)

The London School of Economics has the greatest freaking portrayal of the Charles Booth Poverty Map ever, which has a modern map of London in one layer and an extraordinarily high resolution version of the Booth map in another layer, the transparencies of which can be toggled with a slider. A SLIDER. Absolutely remarkable, fully recommend playing with even if you’ve never been to London and don’t give a fuck about the Booth map. (