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If this is your first time looking at my books, you may be wondering where to start. Look no further!

Catalysts cover

For an exploration of kink, love, romance, and family, start with Catalysts. The first book of the Scientific Method Universe, Catalysts sets up the delicious poly arrangement at the heart of the rest of the series. This is where I play with how people and relationships change over time, and fair warning: when people get hooked on this series, they get really hooked.

Bad Comes First cover

For something a bit more, uh, porny, check out Little Red and the Big Bad. The first book is all about what happens when a hot one-off becomes something more, and the second book is all about how to make a relationship stick even when shit gets complicated.

Gays of Our Lives cover

For a series with all the queer community, a lot of romance, and a little bit of murder, start with Gays of Our Lives, the first Queers of La Vista book. It’s the first glimpse into a world you’ll know well by the time you reach the end of the series, and starts off with a bang when grumpy novice kinkster Emerson, who has MS, falls for kind, lighthearted Obie.

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